The Darkness II Game Coming This Fall


A sequel we never saw coming was made official this morning when 2K Games announced The Darkness II is heading to stores this fall.

The original Darkness video game was released in 2007 but was overshadowed somewhat by the release of another 2K Games title you may have heard of, BioShock. It was a solid game in its own right with a rather ingenious control scheme.

In the Darkness you played as mob boss Jackie Estacado, the unfortunate benefactor of demonic powers that enable him to extend serpent-like appendages called Demon Arms. These arms could be combined with Jackie’s hands giving him a four-pronged attack from the first-person perspective. If you haven’t played the original game then it is definitely worth checking out.

The Darkness II is set two years after the events of The Darkness. Players will once again take the reigns of Jackie who has become the Don of the Franchetti crime family. Jackie is still haunted by the death of Jenny and has suppressed The Darkness within him. An attack on his awakens The Darkness and now it wants out to seek revenge.

Players will need to pay attention to light as in the original as the Demon Arms and Darkness that powers them needs darkness to thrive. Shooting out lights and staying in shadows is crucial to feeding the Darkness and ensuring survival.

Comic book writer Paul Jenkins has been brought on board to pen the narrative that includes “dark humor and hardcore tenderness.” Marc Silvestri, founder and CEO of Top Cow Productions and co-creator of The Darkness comics, says The Darkness II is “one of the most brutally cool games I’ve ever played.”

The Darkness II will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC sometime this fall. A definitive release date will probably be announced around the time of E3 in June.

Click the first screenshot from The Darkness II below, set in Little Italy, to view it in high resolution.