Rayman Legends Wii U Release Date Confirmed; Demo Later This Month


Anyone who has checked out the Wii U store demo of Rayman Legends knows how vibrant and fun the upcoming Wii U exclusive is just from a couple levels of gameplay. Everyone thought Rayman Legends would be a Wii U launch day title considering how polished it seemed at E3. Though we don’t have Rayman Legends in hand just yet, the now confirmed release date isn’t too far off.

Ubisoft has announced February 26, 2013 is the day Rayman Legends will be available to pick up in stores for Wii U. That is a little over 12 weeks from now, plenty of time to pick up one of the most anticipated Wii U titles of the early new year.

Those of who who already own a Wii U and loved the store demo will be happy to learn that the same demo will be available for free download beginning in less than a week on Thursday, December 13. It’s definitely worth taking a few moments to download and play at home.

Check out a new Rayman Legends screenshot that Ubisoft sent along with the release date announcement below.