Rage E3 High-Res Screens and Amazing Gameplay Footage


Rage has turned into all the rage at E3 2010 and for good reason. The first-person shooter from id Software (Quake, Doom, Castle Wolfenstein) has been in development for a couple years now which has given the team plenty of time to put together an amazing demonstration. And they’ve done just that.

G4 and 1UP were able to film a couple walkthroughs of Rage with Tim Willits, co-owner of id Software. Tim takes us through the rugged southwestern landscape, into the driver’s seat of a modified dune buggy, into an old battered town and ultimately below the surface and into the sewers. It’s in the sewers where Tim shows off a sweet controllable remote-control car strapped with explosives, and crossbow that shoots some sort of electrically-charged arrow.

What’s most impressive about Rage are the visuals which are right up there with Fallout 3, ironic because Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of both games. There’s a bit of a Fallout 3 feel in Rage with the decrepit reminds of a more flourishing age long past and the mutated remnants that have risen up since. Above ground, Rage is reminiscent of Borderlands with its vehicles, canyons and armored freaks. Visually there is no comparison with Borderlands having been switched to a cartoonish style midway through production.

Enjoy the trio of awesome Rage gameplay footage videos, then click the thumbnails below those to check out 11 new screenshots in high resolution.