New Infamous PS3 Trailer and Screens from NYCC


Sony showed off the latest build of the upcoming Sucker Punch PS3 exclusive Infamous at the New York City Comic-Con this past weekend. The game has certainly come a long way and looks to be in stores sometime this upcoming June.

To coincide with their Comic-Con preview, Sony has released 5 new screenshots and a new gameplay trailer which can be viewed below.

The trailer is titled “Powers” and shows the protagonist using his electricity-charged attacks to take on some never-before-seen giant enemies slated to appear later in the game. He also uses acrobatic abilities and an electrically-generated hovering ability to scale the sides of tall structures no mere mortal man could ever ascend.

Infamous is certainly a unique title and looks to be a solid gap-filler between Killzone 2 later this month and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves towards the end of this year.