Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Midseason Premiere Live Streaming: Episode 709 Online ‘Rock in the Road’ on AMC Network


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns tonight, February 12th, from its winter hiatus to kick off the back half of Season 7 episodes. For The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason premiere, Episode 709 ‘Rock in the Road,’ Rick begins to build an army against Negan and the Saviors. Find out where to watch The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason premiere live streaming online tonight or on Amazon after it ends on TV.

When we left off with The Walking Dead in late 2016, a half season’s worth of Negan terrorizing Rick and other groups finally came to a head. Negan took out two more citizens of Alexandria and, thanks to Daryl’s harrowing escape, Rick finally decided to do something about Negan rather than being his servant.

The Walking Dead midseason premiere tonight will pick up with a mission to The Kingdom, the Negan-controlled community overseen by King Ezekiel. Carol and Morgan have set up shop there and we haven’t really seen them since the second episode of last fall.

While Rick finally gets to meet King Ezekiel, back at Alexandria trouble is brewing. Father Gabriel’s run of good luck may finally be coming to an end.

The official synopsis for tonight’s The Walking Dead midseason premiere reads, “Jesus leads the group to the Kingdom, to convince King Ezekiel to help them and the Hilltop against the Saviors. Back at Alexandria, Father Gabriel falls into a trap.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason premiere start time tonight is 9/8c. AMC does offer The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here at their official website that you can access on computers, phones, tablets and more. additionally provices The Walking Dead episodes from the beginning to now in either standard or HD viewing options. Starting looking for tonight’s new episode after The Talking Dead after show wraps up. Remember that tonight’s episode will run longer than an hour.

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