Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 5 Online Live Streaming ‘Go Getters’ on AMC


The Walking Dead crosses the midway point on Season 7’s first half tonight and checks in on yet another settlement for the first time this season. Unlike the first four episodes, Episode 5, ‘Go Getters’ dares to branch out by visiting more than one geographic location. Watch tonight’s The Walking Dead live stream online on AMC or later on after the episode airs if a TV is available.

Season 7 began with a somber stay in the woods and then transitioned to a new community, The Kingdom, for the followup. In Episode 3 it paid a visit to another new location, The Sanctuary, before checking back in at Alexandria in Episode 4.

‘Go Getters’ will take the story to The Hilltop, a location we haven’t seen since last season. Sasha has taken Maggie here unbeknownst to Negan and the Saviors, and she’ll have to be kept hidden considering Negan believes Maggie is dead per Father Gabriel’s quick thinking fib.

Previews tell us that at least a small portion of tonight’s episode will snap back to Alexandria as Carl and Enid try to work through a disagreement. All indications are that the majority of ‘Go Getters’ will focus on The Hilltop.

The official AMC synopsis for tonight’s new The Walking Dead Season 7 episodes reads, “Maggie and Sasha recover from their grief at the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Carl and Enid journey to the community, as Simon and the Saviors arrive to get their tribute.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5 start time tonight is 9/8c on AMC TV. The Walking Dead live free online streaming for select cable and satellite providers here at their official website that you can access on computers, phones, tablets and more in case you need a second screen. offers The Walking Dead episodes from Season 7 or any previous season in either standard or HD viewing options. ‘Go Getters’ should appear at Amazon shortly after the premiere of The Talking Dead after show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

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