‘Trollhunters’ Part 3 Trailer: Watch it Now


Netflix finally dropped the first Trollhunters Part 3 trailer on Monday, a mere 11 days ahead of its May 25th premiere on the streaming platform.

This is the third and final installment of Trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro before the Tales of Arcadia franchise shifts gears into 3 Below later this year. That series revolves around two stranded aliens in Arcadia who are trying to repair their spaceship so they can return home.

Chances are relatively high that there will be a crossover with 3 Below somewhere in the final 13 episodes of Trollhunters to set up the transition.

You might notice Jim sounds a little different in the Trollhunters Part 3 trailer. Actor Anton Yelchin passed away before he could complete all of his Season 3 lines. His friend Emile Hirsch stepped in to complete the lines, and the narrative has been written so there’s a natural reason for the voice change.

All 13 Trollhunters Part 3 episodes premiere a week from Friday.

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