‘Ninjago’ Season 8 Trailer: Watch it Now


As hinted at by LEGO’s Tommy Andreasen on Twitter a couple days ago, the LEGO Group has dropped the first Ninjago Season 8 trailer onto the Internet with fan scrutiny sure to follow.

While the trailer for “Sons of Garmadon” is chock full of new footage, voice and character reveals, and even some plot points, it’s missing a release date that everyone was hoping the closing title tag would include.

New seasons of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on The Cartoon Network have a checkered past when it comes to marketing their availability. They aren’t publicized very well and tend to pop up out of nowhere unless you’re scouring the Internet everyday for clues.

The only clue we have thus far for a Ninjago Season 8 release date comes from the January LEGO toy catalog that specifies the new season launches in January. Though the person who wrote that may have believed it at the time, take it with a grain of salt until The Cartoon Network says something official.

Here’s the new Ninjago Season 8 trailer.

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