‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Gets Surprising June Release Date and Teaser Trailer


Netflix has dropped the first Luke Cage Season 2 trailer just ahead of this Friday’s Jessica Jones Season 2 arrival.

Within the trailer are a pair of surprises, starting with a Luke Cage Season 2 release date of June 22nd. This will mark the third straight Marvel Netflix series to drop within roughly three months of one another. The other two were The Punisher in November and this week’s Jessica Jones.

The other surprise is that Luke’s voice-over in the trailer may or may not be a commercial for Heroes for Hire, a collection of superheroes that literally appeal to the public for cash in return for their services.

In the comics, Heroes for Hire started with Luke Cage trying to supplement his income so it would make sense to introduce it within his show. Danny Rand joins Luke’s endeavor next, so it’s a strong possibility that either Danny shows up in Luke Cage Season 2 or vice-versa for Iron Fist Season 2.

Watch and enjoy the first Luke Cage Season 2 trailer below and check out Netflix’s official Luke Cage web page.

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