‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3: Netflix Renews Marvel Series


Netflix has officially renewed Marvel’s Jessica Jones for a third season following the recent drop of Season 2 on the streaming platform.

If you’re a fan of Jessica and her boozy ways then cheers to the news! If you’re not after a radical shift between the first season’s maniacal villain and season two’s more subdued approach then wait to see what’s coming up next.

The final episode of Jessica Jones Season 2 set up all kinds of scenarios to explore in future installments. Spoilers are ahead so proceed at your own risk.

After chasing after and ultimately losing her mother for a second time, Jessica gave in to a modicum of normalcy with her building’s super by sitting down to a family dinner. This hint of domestication will likely be put to the test by whatever challenge emerges in Season 3.

Then there’s Trish’s obsession with becoming Jessica and her ultimate success in one of the closing shots. Trish’s new cat-like reflex abilities and current “I hate you” status in Jessica’s book for killing Jessica’s mom will create all sorts of tension as the former radio show host begins her journey toward becoming Hellcat.

Then there’s Hogath’s new solo law practice and her hiring of Malcom’s new boss’s private investigation firm. What is Hogarth after exactly, and will Malcolm mend broken fences with Jessica or become her ultimate P.I. adversary?

The earliest we will likely see Jessica Jones Season 3 dropping on Netflix is sometime next year. Up first are Luke Cage in June, followed by Daredevil Season 3, The Punisher Season 2, and Iron Fist Season 2 — all of which are either in the can or in some phase of production.

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