Several Reasons to Give Online Video Poker a Chance


Slot machines can be visually pleasing, and blackjack tables may look cool, but none of them have the consistency of video poker. At VulkanVegas you can find and enjoy most of the games on the list below.

Poker is mostly seen as an old game from the 90’s and most players skip it, but professional gamblers always prefer video poker. It falls into the “draw poker” category, which is easy to learn and difficult to master. The basic strategy of the game is knowing which cards to keep and which to discard.

So why exactly should you give video poker a chance? Let’s take a look together.

You Lose Less

Have you heard the concept of “Time on Device” before? It means the total amount of time players spend in front of a game cabinet. It’s a very important concept for casinos because most of their incomes depend on this.

In blackjack, 50 hands can be played in an hour. In slot machines it is possible to make 300 spins in the same time.

While playing slot machines, you lose between 60 and 130 dollars per hour on average because you bet on the “lines”. For blackjack, this amount will be much higher because the betting levels are very different.

In video poker, you are much less likely to lose. There is a limit to bets and there is no such thing as a “pay line”. The minimum and maximum stakes are fixed. Since the RTP rates are 98% and above, you will win back a large portion of the money you invested.

The most advantageous game in terms of house edge rates is video poker. House edge is a concept symbolizing the income earned by the casinos and it should be low. The RTP value indicates how much you will lose in the long run and it should be high. Let’s see it as a table:

Name of The Game Average RTP (%) Average House Edge (%)
Video Poker 99.54 0.46
Blackjack 99 1
Roulette 97.30 2.70
Keno 75- 25+
Craps 83.33 16.67
Slot Machines 95- 5+

The RTP value of video poker is 99.54%, which means you can recover $ 99.54 of every $ 100 you invest. In some video poker games, the RTP value is positive. In other words, if you play with an optimal strategy, you are guaranteed to win.

This feature is only available in video poker games. Here are some examples of those that have positive RTP values:

Name RTP Value (%)
Deuces Wild 100.76
Double Bonus 100.17
Jokers Wild 100.64
Kings or Better 100.06

These games are difficult to find in every casino, and some are only available in land-based casinos. In any case, the only game that can guarantee a winning is video poker.

You Don’t Need to be a Professional

You cannot use tactics in luck-based games. This is the reason why strategies do not work in games like roulette, craps, and slot machines.

In card games, it is possible to use a strategy, but only professionals can do it. It is not possible to bring a device (or notebook) to the gaming table to help you. The only tactic you can use is the card counting, and it is not so easy to achieve.

Video poker games are very advantageous in this regard. You play in a cabinet at land-based casinos and on your computer at online casinos. So, for example, you can use a “cheat sheet”. Even if you are not a professional, you will be able to play like a professional with this type of utility software and products. In other words, anyone can play online video poker games like a professional gambler, and that is completely legal.

However, always remember to choose Class III games. Class II video poker games fall into the “lottery” category and are not eligible for probability calculations.

You Don’t Need a Powerful Computer

Visually impressive games require a powerful computer. Those impressive effects require a fast graphics card and a top-notch processor. Video poker games are among the most unpretentious games you can find in online casinos. For this reason, they work comfortably even on ancient computers. Your game session will not be interrupted, and you will not have performance problems as long as your Internet connection is relatively stable.

You Can Still Hit it Big

Everyone knows slot machines are capable of awarding millions of dollars, but what some fail to recognize is the chances of winning such a big prize are minuscule at best. Progressive jackpot machines usually distribute a prize once a year; in other words, tens of thousands of people play and lose.

The prize award amount in video poker machines does not reach the same heights as traditional slots. The biggest prize ever won was $250,000. However, you are much more likely to win this award than one of the big seven-figure jackpots.