Facts about Gambling Machines That Will Surprise You


Do You Want a Gum?

Slot machines were quite different from today’s when they first appeared in the 19th century. First of all, they did not have slots! These machines were known by the name “drum” in those days. They had game cards in them. You threw a nickel, turned the arm and watched the cards spin. If you created a valid poker hand, you were given a chewing gum as a reward!

This was the result of the extremely strict gambling laws at that time. When something other than money was awarded, the machines could even be put in supermarkets.

So That’s Why They Are Called Fruit Slots

Have you ever wondered where the name of fruit slots came from? In 1899, an entrepreneur named Charles Fey developed a very simple mechanism. This mechanism, working with springs and impellers, could be adjusted to give random results.

Fey decided to take advantage of the popularity of drum machines and use something other than poker cards. At that time, fruity gums of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company were very popular. Fey used the icons on these chewing gums to make it easy for people to remember: cherry, melon, grapefruit, and plums. He also added two symbols: liberty bell and horseshoe.

Today, classic slot machines still use these symbols. The world’s first slot machine produced by Fey is now on display in a San Francisco museum. You can also visit to see a picture of it.

Designed for Bored Housewives

Until the 1960s, slot machines were not found in Las Vegas casinos. Casino managers found them “simple and stupid”. You could only see these machines in supermarkets, bus stations, and arcade halls.

In 1961, a casino manager noticed that housewives were getting bored while their husbands were gambling. He placed several slot machines in his casino just to keep them entertained while waiting. Incredibly, he noticed a tail in front of the machines in just a few hours. People were going to the queue to play slot games! He immediately ordered hundreds more cabinets and that’s how legends of slot games really began. Today, 70% of a casino’s profits come from these games.

It Is Cogs and Reels Only

By 1963, all slot machines were still using the mechanism developed by Fey. This mechanism worked with human power, not with electricity. So by pulling the arm, the players were turning the reels – literally. Each spin was setting up the mechanism every time. In those years, you really needed arm strength to play slot games.

In 1963, the Bally Company started to produce electrically operated mechanisms. There was no longer a need for an arm, but the players got used to it. No change was made for this reason.

In 1976, everything became electronic: the IGT company got rid of cogs and reels by using LCD panels and computer software. In just two years, all the old machines in Las Vegas have been changed. Today, you can still see these old machines in some hotels and roadsides.

How Do You Win This Thing?

It’s entirely based on luck if you are going to win or not. There is no “system,” and you cannot predict the end result.

However, you can control your losses by choosing games with high RTP and low house edge rates. RTP is the abbreviation for return-to-player and shows how much you will lose in the long run.

For example, if a game has an RTP rate of 85%, you can recover $ 85 of every $ 100 you invest: Your loss will only be $ 15. Games with over 95% RTP rate are more advantageous for this reason. You can even find games with a rate of 99.8%.

This is why online slots promise far more. According to the law, the RTP rate at land-based casinos can be at least 85%. On the online casinos, this rate is 95% and above. In short, if you choose online games, your chances of winning do not increase but you lose much less.

You Can Become a Millionaire. Yes, Really.

Progressive jackpot machines are among the most awarding casino games in the world right now. There is no fixed reward system in this category, and the amount of money collected in the prize pool increases by every bet placed. Until a lucky winner wins the pot, the prize is steadily rising.

Jackpot games can be played by thousands of people at the same time as they are on a network. For the same reason, the amount of reward can easily rise to millions of dollars.

The biggest prize won on a progressive machine to date is $ 40 million. (39.7 million dollars, to be exact.) In Las Vegas, almost every year a different player becomes a millionaire. “Mega Moolah” is at the top of the jackpot games with the highest payout. However, the chances of winning in such games are very low: you usually only feed the pool.