How to Become a Dealer in an Online Casino


Many of you will be familiar with the live dealer experience offered by many online casinos today. The position has become quite sought after and has many perks for those looking for a career in casino services.

Whilst exciting and potentially lucrative, it requires some specific skills and hard work, along with the ability to deal with some intense pressure. If you’re looking to become a dealer in an online casino, here is some information to get you started on your journey, along with some helpful hints and tips. If you’re looking for live casino providers who may be hiring new live dealers, the Internet is a great resource. The providers themselves will usually be able to tell you more about what is required to apply and what training and other qualifications are needed.

How Much Are Dealers Paid?

The money you can expect to make as a dealer depends entirely on the online casino in question. As an entry-level dealer, you can expect to receive anything from $25,000 annually to $40,000 annually. Two years of experience will up this expected salary to approximately $55,000 annually. Additionally, some of the online casinos allow for the possibility of tips. These can add up to as much as $700 per month, on top of your annual salary.

What Training Is Required to Be a Dealer?

Whilst dealing may look like one of the simplest and most relaxing of professions, it’s not something you can just pick up. It requires intense and specialized training, which you will receive through your particular online casino, should you have managed to secure employment.  There are also private institutions/colleges that offer dealing qualifications. Particularly in cities heavily populated with casinos, you will usually find numerous courses, running in at roughly six weeks each, which you can take to qualify yourself as a dealer.
Mostly, following qualification/training, you will need to start auditioning at various online casinos. Once you have trained, you’ll need to take an audition with the casino(s) of your choice. The role of a dealer places great importance on personality, and this will need to come through in your audition. Finally, certain jurisdictions will require you to obtain a gaming license, as evidence that you are permitted to serve in the gambling industry.

How Easy Is It to Find a Job as a Dealer

There are numerous jobs available for qualified dealers around the world, either as a tournament dealer or as a dealer in cash games. If you’re looking for a job as a live dealer for an online casino, the requirements can be more particular. Online casinos seek to employ attractive dealers and emphasis can be placed on physical attributes, which can make it harder to get a position in this industry.

What’s Good about Being a Dealer?

  • There is a great social element to being a dealer, both with your colleagues and with the gamers.
  • Dealers make great tips – even in the online sphere.
  • You can be a part of your favorite casino staples without needing to risk your own money.
  • Online casinos are big business – you will likely have the chance to meet some famous people and famous gamblers.
  • You will learn new game strategies and techniques.

The Difficulties with Dealing

  • It can be challenging to learn the various particularities of each table game.
  • The “simple maths” needed to be a successful dealer requires speed and clarity of thought at all times. This can be difficult.
  • It can put you into an awkward position dealing with difficult clients – the combination of money and privilege can create a sense of entitlement.
  • Dealers are expected to work long hours and at unconventional times.
  • Whilst the total package can be quite competitive, the basic salary for a lot of online dealers can be lower than jobs requiring comparable skills.

Being a Good Dealer

  • It can be a great move to start working, whether online or in a brick or mortar casino, for smaller establishments. The pressure can be lower, and it can be a good environment to learn.
  • Game knowledge is extremely important. Your work needs to come as second nature to you, to maintain the experience for the players. As such, it’s important to learn as much about each game variant as possible.
  • Learn and keep brushing up on the multiplication tables! There is no more important skill.
  • When working as a dealer for an online casino, the only thing more important than accuracy is speed. Make sure to prioritize both.  
  • Don’t take criticism personally. Customers can get agitated and derogatory when they lose.
  • Always try and be as friendly and hospitable as possible. You’ll get more tips!
  • Whilst its easy to think that higher stakes games lead to bigger tips, players in mid-level, and even lower stakes games can actually tip the best.

Choosing Where to Deal

There are many online establishments to work in, when seeking to work as a live dealer. Obviously, it is important to consider location and vicinity to where you currently live. Other factors to consider are the reputation of the casino going in, as you will want to avoid casinos where employees have been mistreated in the past.

Dealer Working Conditions

The actual working conditions are usually good. You will wear nice clothing, and the studio set-ups are comfortable and inviting. However, online casinos, like many brick and mortar casinos, are 24-hour establishments. You will thus have to work in shifts, and this will often mean working during your friend’s off time and on weekends. As such, deciding to become a dealer for an online casino is a commitment, and this has to be factored in to your decision. However, the rewards are great, and the life can be very enjoyable for those who enjoy the benefits associated with this life. Whilst live dealing in an online setting can seem lonelier, from the outside, the increased freedom can be a great way of bridging the gap. Additionally, your relationship with your colleagues can be as meaningful as those enjoyed by brick and mortar casino dealers.