Agents of SHIELD Episode 10 ‘The Bridge’ Review and Recap 6 Qs


Quick Take: SHIELD pulls together numerous threads from previous episodes for its midseason finale.

This was the mid-term test for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The writers and cast took everything that we learned all season so far and put it to use. We had Mike Peterson return from the pilot, the mysterious “Girl in the Flower Dress” reappear, super soldiers and a prison break, and Coulson’s mystery will soon be revealed and/or resolved. All in all, the SHIELD midseason finale was a good wrap up to the first half of the season, and the cliffhanger ending worked very well.

1. What is it?
Agents of SHIELD Season 1, episode 10, titled ‘The Bridge.’

2. Who’s in it?
The series regulars, Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Iain De Caestecker. Guest starring this week is J. August Richards as Mike Peterson; Ruth Negga as Raina; and Cullen Douglas as Edison Po.

3. Who made it?
‘The Bridge’ was written by Shalisha Francis; the episode was directed by Holly Dale.

Agents of SHIELD Episode 10 'The Bridge' Review and Recap 6 Qs

4. What is it about? (**Spoilers Ahead**)
‘The Bridge’ opens with Edison Po (Douglas) being extracted from Havenworth Penitentiary. The three men who break him out all wear the Centipede bracelets on their wrists, and that forces Level 7 to take the case.

To assist, they bring on Mike Peterson (Richards), last seen in the pilot, who is now training to be a full-time SHIELD agent. Peterson sent his son, Ace, to go live with his sister and has been working hard to join the organization to use his powers for good.

Agent Ward (Dalton) is skeptical, of course, and Peterson has issues winning over the team’s trust, which shouldn’t be too hard as a known traitor flies with them week in and week out.

Po–reunited with the mysterious Raina (Negga)–work to complete their work with the Extremis program, being led by an unseen entity known only as “The Clairvoyant.” SHIELD is systematically shutting down their labs, hindering their ability to perfect the Centipede formula. Po declares that it’s time to take the fight to SHIELD.

On a mission, Coulson (Gregg), Peterson, Ward and May (Wen) come face to face with the enhanced soldiers and the team leader is put down. Before he can be questioned, his eye snaps–last seen in the episode, ‘The Eye’–and he dies.

Agents of SHIELD Episode 10 'The Bridge' Review and Recap 6 Qs

Back on the Bus, Peterson recognizes Raina from some security footage from Havenworth, and the team has its first big lead.

Coulson and Peterson have a conversation about responsibility in regards to Ace, and Peterson decides to call his son. It is revealed that Raina is there and she takes Ace and makes a demand of Peterson.

Peterson asks Coulson for help and the team readies itself for the exchange: Peterson for Ace. Coulson and Peterson go to the meeting place–a bridge–and Ward takes position as a sniper.

Raina shows and demands Peterson give up his side of the bargain, which isn’t himself, but Agent Coulson. Peterson apologizes, but Coulson goes along with it. Peterson is given his son and together they run back to safety as Raina and a knocked out Coulson make their escape. Ward tries to take a shot from his nest, only to have two fuel tanker trucks explode on the bridge. He is able to regain his sights on Raina’s car only to watch it too explode.

A helicopter rises from beside the bridge and a gunner shoots ward as the chopper escapes. The team is left in shambles, and Raina–with Coulson in hand–tells him she wants to know everything that happened the day after he died.

Agents of SHIELD Episode 10 'The Bridge' Review and Recap 6 Qs

The side story this week revolves around Skye (Bennet) trying to find out the identity of the woman who left her at the orphanage, and Coulson asking May to help her by keeping her from the truth.

There is also more on the secret relationship between Ward and May

5. Any revelations, tie-ins, easter eggs, etc.?
There is a mention of Captain America; Extremis; Coulson’s ex-girlfriend, the cellist from the Portland Symphony; and Thor again.

6. Will we watch next week?
Agents of SHIELD goes on winter hiatus for a few weeks and returns on January 7th. This episode was pretty good, and the cliffhanger ending worked to drum up interest for the latter half of the season. Here’s to hoping for more comic book goodness when the show returns, including the resolution of what happened to Coulson after dying in The Avengers.

SCORE: 3.8 out of 5

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