Watch: LEGO Ninjago City Designer Video from ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’


You’ve probably already noticed a great selection of new LEGO sets based on the upcoming The LEGO Ninjago Movie have arrived in stores. The line’s flagship set, Ninjago City, is right around the corner.

Today LEGO released their customary Designer video for Ninjago City that digs deep into the set’s features, despite missing to recognize a key one. While the city is designed vertically, there are technic pins and connections on two sides so it can connect to existing modular LEGO buildings or be expanded in other ways.

LEGO Ninjago City officially comes out on September 1st exclusively at LEGO stores and the LEGO Shop website. However, VIP members can get early access to the set next week on August 16th.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie complete with Meowthra arrives in theaters on September 22nd.

Check out Ninjago City at the LEGO Shop online store, and be ready to order August 16th for one of the most stunning minifigure-scale sets LEGO has ever released.

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