Watch Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Online Free Live Stream Episode 14 ‘T.A.H.I.T.I.’ on ABC


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC tonight after what seemed like a never ending hiatus. When we last saw Agents of SHIELD in January, the fate of Skye was up in the air. As tonight’s SHIELD Episode title ‘T.A.H.I.T.I.’ infers, it might take a little more than traditional doctors to save Skye. The final run of Season 1 episodes get underway tonight when we watch Agents of SHIELD online live free streaming or on TV tonight.

Spoilers follow for the previous SHIELD episode. When we last left SHIELD, and undercover op on a speeding train when horrifically wrong. The op began to crumble when SHIELD agents were outed on the train, and went downhill from there as some agents like Ward fell off the train, and others like Simmons hid aboard it while the bad guys took over.

The train ended up prematurely coming to a stop and that’s when Ian Quinn showed his face. He took the tech the train was carrying to a secured location, while Skye and Fitz somehow managed to follow them to the location without access to a car. It was one of the only head-scratching moments in an otherwise solid episode.

Melinda May ended up getting captured and then showed her captors why she’s called “The Cavalry.” Ward and Coulson made it back to the bus and began to piece together exactly what had happened. When Skye and Fitz reached Quinn’s location inside a guarded house, Skye decided to infiltrate on her own while Fitz stayed outside to render the vehicles useless to escape.

Inside the house it was revealed that Quinn had Mike Peterson in a hyperbolic chamber and the tech was a new robotic leg that attached itself to Mike to complete the next step in the former SHIELD agent’s transformation into the villain Deathlok. When Skye crashes this party, she quickly learns that Peterson can’t be reasoned with and she’s truly on her own against Quinn.

As the other SHIELD agents close in on the house, Quinn leaves them a present by shooting Skye right in the gut. Moments from death, Skye is put into the hyperbolic chamber and rushed back to SHIELD headquarters.

In tonight’s Agents of SHIELD return, the SHIELD doctors will try to save Skye and ultimately fail, leaving her on life support. Given Coulson has recently come back from death himself, he’s convinced there are other doctors that can revive Skye and he and his team set out to find them.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Episode 14 ‘T.A.H.I.T.I.’ premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC in high definition (HD) where available. Find the ABC channel number where you live by checking your local listings.

To watch Agents of SHIELD online free streaming live, you will need to use the Watch ABC app for iPhone or Android operating systems and have your cable or satellite provider login information handy. As of today DirecTV has joined the partners that can access the Watch ABC app and live stream Agents of SHIELD.

After Agents of SHIELD ends tonight, you can watch the full episode at the official ABC website here or at Hulu for a limited time. All past episodes of Agents of SHIELD can be online streamed at here at at $2.99 for HD episodes and $1.99 for standard definition.

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