Two New The Walking Dead ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ Images Form a Team


Rick just can’t seem to catch a break on this season of The Walking Dead. For every good deed he tries to make, such as securing a prison for his group to finally enjoy a safe shelter, it seems like 10 other things go wrong that further strip away what little humanity he has left.

The latest incident Rick must face is the disappearance of Glenn and Maggie, taken by Merle back to Woodbury where interrogations about Rick, Daryl and the gang’s whereabouts await. Rick doesn’t know this yet, but he soon will considering Michonne showed up wounded at the prison fence carrying the baby formula that Glenn and Maggie were sent to retrieve.

Two new preview images from the next episode of The Walking Dead: Season 3 episode 307 ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ have surfaced, one of which depicts Michonne joining Rick, Daryl and Oscar on presumably a hunt for Woodbury. Considering how long it took for Oscar and Axel to earn the group’s trust, Michonne’s good deed of alerting Rick about their captured friends and bringing the baby formula apparently hit the trust spot square on the head.

‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ is the second to last episode before the midseason finale. Last season’s midseason finale included the great twist with Sophia’s discovery at the barn. Can Glen Mazzara and his writing team top that twist? I’d put the odds at favorable considering how this season has developed and pushed the pace thus far.

Click on either of the new The Walking Dead images below to view a high resolution version.

Two New The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking Images Form a Team

Two New The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking Images Form a Team