Tomb Raider VGA Trailer Makes Lara Croft a Survivor


Square Enix brought a new Tomb Raider trailer to the 2012 Spike VGA’s on Friday night that puts Lara Croft through the ringer.

The trailer is titled ‘Survivor’ and you will get a good sense why after watching it below. Lara’s time stranded on an enemy-infested island is designed to help shape her into the adventurer that she will eventually become. It will also teach her how to groan and hobble real good.

With the hair, bow, and fighting for her life in the wild, Lara has a bit of a Jennifer Lawrence / Katniss Everdeen vibe going on.

Tomb Raider comes to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC on March 5. Here are some additional Tomb Raider screenshots in case you missed them earlier.

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