The Dark Knight Rises and Batman Trilogy Blu-ray Pre-Orders on Fire


Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Dark Knight Rises Blu-rays have risen at online retailer to become the top two best-selling Blu-ray titles several days ahead of their December 4 release date.

Batman’s pre-order sales dominance wasn’t the case late last week when Amazon ran numerous Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that shot up to the top of the Blu-ray bestsellers chart due to their popularity. Some of those deals, including Marvel’s Thor for under $10 and the Home Alone Collection for $11.99 are still lingering in the top 10.

From here through at least Tuesday the expectation is that Batman will own the top two spots. What’s curious is the order; The Dark Knight Trilogy is in the top spot and has been for the past few days. This likely means that many buyers of the Trilogy set have either unloaded their single movie releases or are willing to own multiple copies due to the excellent pricing of the Trilogy set. I have a hard time imagining scores of Blu-ray shoppers don’t own either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight.

Those of you on the fence about picking up The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray after some of the audio issues surrounding Bane’s voice with the theatrical release will be happy to learn that the Blu-ray is much more audible and clear. It’s also quite piercing so warn the neighbors before cranking it up.

Click here to pre-order The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray for $29.96 with free shipping at

Click here to pre-order The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray for $24.96 at

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