Star Wars Day Delivers First Clone Season 5 Footage and Surprise


Star Wars Day has delivered the first snippet of footage from George Lucas’ ongoing The Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network, which chronicles the adventures of Jedi versus Sith and the Separatists before Darth Vader comes into being.

In the short preview for Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 5 below, Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Opress, are united in evil with their Sith red lightsabers. At least one poor chap meets his end in the preview, and I’m sure he won’t be the last before Anakin and Obi-Wan can cut them off.

The second part of the Clone Wars preview clip brings back the Death Watch, a rogue group of Mandalorian Warriors who have their own view of how the galaxy should be run. Pre Vizsla is still running the show and he’s taking his small Mandalorian fleet of ships to an undetermined planet.

Star Wars Day also lead to a small update of the official Star Wars website with some new graphics. More specifically, the Celebration VI page now includes an image of Boba Fett in his classic green Mandalorian armor, drawn for the first time in the Clone Wars series animation style. This character model’s inclusion is probably a sneaky hint that young Fett will first don his armor during Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 5 and an official confirmation with the first footage will be shown at the Celebration VI event in August.

Star Wars Day Delivers First Clone Season 5 Footage and Surprise

For those keeping track, Season 5 will not be the last season of The Clone Wars. Work is already well underway on a sixth season.

Hopefully you had a good Star Wars Day yesterday and were able to dish out a “May the Fourth Be With You” saying once or twice.

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