Skylanders and Disney Infinity: Sizing Up the Figures


The “toys to life” gaming genre will absolutely explode this upcoming holiday with both Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity lining shelves at retail stores. I’m a firm believer that there is plenty of room in the space for both properties, and we will of course continue to follow both.

Comparing the two games is an exercise unto itself which I will save for a later date. However, upon recently acquiring a Mike Wozowski Disney Infinity figure from Toy Fair this past week, I thought it might be fun to compile a little pictorial comparison of the toys.

Mike’s not exactly an imposing figure; in fact, he looks more like a gumball with arms and legs than the more intricately designed Skylanders. However, I did manage to select two Skylanders – Wham Shell and Wrecking Ball – that will give an indication as to Mike’s relative size.

While Mike looks a bit scrawny and flimsy next to the beefier Skylanders, he’s actually quite solid and hefty. I’d even say he weighs about the same as those guys and in no way, shape or form feels “cheap.”

Mike also looks almost right at home next to the Skylanders given his scale. I expect Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures to mix and mingle in homes across the world big time starting with the release of Disney Infinity in June.

I definitely prefer the element-specific bases on the Skylanders to the plainer clear base with film-specific cover on the Infinity figures.

Visit Disney Infinity Characters for more looks at the Mike Wozowski Disney Infinity figure including the bottom of its base.

Skylanders and Disney Infinity: Sizing Up the Figures

Skylanders and Disney Infinity: Sizing Up the Figures

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