Pumpkin Eye Brawl Halloween Edition Skylander Variant Coming


Just when you thought it was safe to clear your finances for Skylanders Swap Force comes one more variant figure to chase down. Watch out, Jack Skellington, because you’ve got some competition when Pumpkin Eye Brawl makes his grand entrance.

As this guy’s name implies, Pumpkin Eye Brawl, as he has been appropriate nicknamed, is a variant on Eye Brawl where the circular “eye” head has been replaced with a jack-o-lantern. To complete the headless horseman homage, Pumpkin Eye Brawl’s body has been painted completely black. The upper corner of his card includes a badge that reads “Special Halloween 2013 Edition.”

All Giant Skylanders have LightCore features and in the case of Eye Brawl, his head lit up. It is our assumption that Pumpkin Eye Brawl’s head will also light up, and we’ll be able to test it out soon enough as supposedly one will be landing on our doorstep.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin Eye Brawl will not sport his pumpkin head in the game. Booo, right? He was likely conceived long after Skylanders Giants shipped. I’d love to see Toys For Box / Vicarious Visions find ways to add additional characters via DLC. Regardless, when you put Pumpkin Eye Brawl on the Portal of Power, he will have “Special” next to his name like some of the various color variant figures.

Where can you buy Pumpkin Eye Brawl, you wonder? Apparently he has already been showing up in retail chains in Canada and will also arrive at multiple retail retailers here in the U.S. within the next week or so. I’m trying to 100 percent confirm that he will be available at all stores and will pass along any updates as they are received.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl will retail for $14.99, the same price as his regular Eye Brawl counterpart. He’s been in and out of stock at so check here to see if Pumpkin Eye Brawl is available to purchase.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl Halloween Edition Skylander Variant Coming

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