New 3DS XL Bundle Packaged with Mario Kart 7 Coming December 2


A little over two years ago, Nintendo released a limited edition red DSi XL packaged with Mario Kart DS. That bundle quickly sold out at stores and now sells for way above its original price from third-party sellers if in new condition.

Nintendo is once again tapping into the Mario Kart franchise this holiday season and bundling it with a blue and black 3DS XL for the price of $199.99. A new 3DS XL costs that same price, so in effect Mario Kart 7 is completely free.

As has become the new norm for Nintendo and its handheld gaming devices, Mario Kart 7 will be pre-installed on the 3DS XL and not come in cartridge form. This is important to note for two reaons. First, the game will take up a sizable chunk of storage on the device. Second, the game cannot be shared between multiple 3DS devices in the same household.

The 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 bundle will arrive in stores this Sunday, December 2. I will pass along an update with online ordering links once they are available, and assuming the bundle doesn’t sell out the same day it is released.

New 3DS XL Bundle Packaged with Mario Kart 7

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