Jay Leno Cancelled, Conan Comtemplating Split


NBC has found itself at the core of controversy stemming from Sunday’s upheaval of Jay Leno from his 10pm time slot.

Leno’s last show will air February 11 as the Winter Olympics gets underway. NBC is reportedly exploring the option of moving Leno back into The Tonight Show slot at 11:35pm.

If that move occurs, the end losers would be Conan 0’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, both of whom would have to move into later slots. Or in Conan’s case, to another network altogether.

The New York Post is reporting an unnamed source close to O’Brien says the host is very unhappy with how NBC has handled the Jay Leno situation and is considering a move. One of many options would be to Fox with whom O’Brien has apparently already spoken with per The Wallstreet Journal.

Meanwhile, Jerry Seinfeld chimed in while promoting his newly produced show The Marriage Ref and sided with NBC, “What did the network do to Conan? I don’t think anyone’s preventing people from watching Conan.”

With Letterman consistently beating O’Brien in the 11:35pm slot and Leno looking to return to it, Conan’s days at NBC appeared to be numbered.