Bulletstorm Electroflies and Newsbots Locations Guide


The primary objective in Bulletstorm may be to “kill with skill” but there are some collectibles distractions to keep you busy when enemies aren’t in sight.

Scattered throughout Bulletstorm are swarms of Electroflies and Newsbots that are waiting for you to find them. If you can collect them all then the Major Malfunction, Insecticide and Total Malfunction Trophies (PS3) or Achievements (Xbox 360) are yours for the keeping.

Below is a guide that will show and tell you where to find all 21 Electroflies and 28 Newsbot locations scattered through the 7 chapters in Bulletstorm. Follow the instructions and those achievements/trophies are as good as yours.


There are a total of five Electroflies in Act 2: Chapter 1. The first is in a second-floor corner of the courtyard, the second after exiting the disco and looking over a railing, the third right after crossing the rooftops up on the side of a building, the fourth along the water near a dropkit, and the fifth just to the right of the Monster Done entrance.

Three Electroflies are in Act 3: Chapter 1. Find the first to the left of the cracked dam, the second along the water near a dock, and the third on a balcony at the dam’s observation lounge.

Act 3: Chapter 2 houses two Electrofly swarms. The first is at the top of the big waterfall and the second is out in the open in the promenade.

Look for a lone Electroflies swarm in Act 4: Chapter 1. It is located on the left side of the street above some trees, just before the Venus man-eater plant.

Act 4: Chapter 2 picks up the Electroflies appearances with four. The first is just outside the dome-roofed building, the second just to the left after going down the steps from the same building, the third near a point cactus on the last flight of steps, and the fourth to the right just inside the greenhouse building remains.

One more Electroflies swarm is in Act 4: Chapter 3. It can be found to the right of the Cliffside Hotel entrance.

Act 5: Chapter 1 include a single Electroflies swarm. Find it down to the side of the monorail platform. Same with Act 5: Chapter 2; a lone Electroflies swarm found inside a small door you must kick open inside of the mall.

Act 6: Chapter 2’s only Electroflies swarm is located hovering above some toxic waste when viewed from a raised platform.

In Act 7: Chapter 1 are the final two Electroflies. The first is just outside the cafe’s entrance while the second is a sharp left after crawling out of the luggage rack.


Little roving Newsbots begging to be blasted are a little easier to find and more abundant than Electroflies. The first three are in Act 2: Chapter 1 starting with on a walkway just after the first Dropkit, near the Hallucination Night Club, and right near the third Electroflies swarm on the edge of the water.

A single Newsbot in Act 2: Chapter 2 is right near the Mechaton cages.

Act 3: Chapter 1 has three more Newsbots. The first is to the right side of the dam, the second in or around the Harbour Master’s building, and the third in the dam’s observation lounge.

Three more Newsbots are in Act 2: Chapter 3 including the first in the lounge, second in the dam’s promenade and third on its side in the elevator.

Act 4: Chapter 1 has a pair of Newsbots. The first is inside the first damaged building while the second is inside a tent at the evac site.

The three Newsbots in Act 4: Chapter 2 start with one roaming the first main plaza area, the second among the cacti after the Banshee attack, and the third on your way up that last set of steps.

Two more Newsbots wrap up Act 4: Chapter 3. The first is on its side in a room to the left of the long slope you have to slide down, and the second right in front of you after falling through the double doors.

Act 5: Chapter 1 has two Newsbots. The first is just outside the entrance to the first elevator. The second is out on the monorail platform in the same general direction as the Electroflies that are there.

The only Newsbot in Act 5: Chapter 2 is in the entryway to the mall.

The first of two Newsbots in Act 5: Chapter 3 is located in the cafe. The second roams right around the night club sign on the wall.

Act 6: Chapter 1 has two Newsbots. Find the first right after the chapter begins after sliding down some steps. Find the second at the bottom of a staircase that leads into a large lounge with checkered floor.

Act 6: Chapter 2’s lone Newsbot is found up on a catwalk above the toxic waste.

There are two Newsbots in Act 7: Chapter 1. The first is in the cafe, the second in the upper level of the spaceport passenger area, and the third

The final Newsbot is in Act 7: Chapter 2. You’ll find it laying on its side behind some rubble on the way up to Ulysses.

Thanks to YouTube user XCVii007r1 for the Bulletstorm Electroflies and Newsbots locations guide videos.

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