Big Toy Story Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set Coming


Online retailer has begun taking pre-orders for a big 10-disc Toy Story Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set that will arrive on store shelves November 2, the same day Toy Story 3 debuts on home video.

See as how there are only 3 films and the set is 10 discs, you might be wondering what the other discs in the collection have on them. According to Amazon’s listing, there is a DVD and digital copy for Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. That’s 6 discs right there. Add in single discs for each film plus the extra Toy Story 3 bonus features disc and you have 10 total.

Disney has yet to issue a formal press release with their Toy Story 3 plans but I’ll be sure to share any new developments it may contain once it hits.

Pre-order the Toy Story Trilogy on Blu-ray for $69.99 at

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