Band of Brothers Blu-ray Cover Art, Exclusive Extras Surface


Those TV-obsessed guys over at have received the first packaging shot for the upcoming 6-disc Band of Brothers Blu-ray Disc set.

The shot reveals HBO and Warner are utilizing what appears to be the identical tin case that housed the exemplary DVD set.

A partial sleeve has been added to denote the set is Blu-ray, and also reveals a pair of Blu-ray exclusive supplements to look forward to.

In the Words of Easy Company will provide interviews and commentary from the surviving members of Easy Company via picture-in-picture.

In the Field with the Men of Easy Company is described as an interactive field guide featuring timelines, maps, soldier profiles and more.

Lastly, the sleeve states episodes have been digitally remastered and will include DTS audio. We take this to mean lossless DTS-HD Master Audio, otherwise why promote it?

Final specs and a full list of extras are expected when HBO and Warner officially announce the set in the coming days or weeks.