Animal Crossing: City Folk Wii Bugs and Insects Species Locations and Guide


The large variety of bugs and insects in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii can be as difficult to track down as the fish and aquatic life (see our guide for those here).

You’ll need to be patient with your net if you hope to score every bug and insect hanging out in your Animal Crossing town. How many are there, you wonder? There are 64 in all. Once caught, the bugs and insects can be sold for Bells or given as gifts to friends.

The true “collector” wants to find them all which is where this guide comes into play. It lists every type of bug and insect in the game, where they can be found and what their resale worth is in Bells.

Many of the easier species are found lounging near flowers. The rarest and most valuable species prefer to call coconut palms their home.

The guide is broken into two sections: one for more common species and one for those no-so-common. Within each section the bugs and insects are sorted by where they can be found. Good luck catching them all.

More Common Bugs and Insects

  • Mantis: 430 Bells, On flowers
  • Orchid Mantis: 2,400 Bells, On flowers
  • Ladybug: 200 Bells, On flowers
  • Centipede: 300 Bells, On flowers
  • Common Butterfly: 90 Bells, Near flowers
  • Yellow Butterfly: 90 Bells, Near flowers
  • Monarch: 140 Bells, Near flowers
  • Honeybee: 100 Bells, Near flowers
  • Tiger Butterfly: 160 Bells, Near red and pink flowers
  • Peacock: 220 Bells, Near blue, violet and black flowers
  • Brown Cicada: 200 Bells, On trees
  • Longhorn Beetle: 260 Bells, On trees
  • Robust Cicada: 300 Bells, On trees
  • Bagworm: 300 Bells, On trees
  • Walker Cicada: 400 Bells, On trees
  • Evening Cicada: 550 Bells, On trees
  • Dynastid Beetle: 1,350 Bells, On trees
  • Lantern Fly: 1,800 Bells, On trees
  • Violin Beetle: 260 Bells, On trees
  • Fruit Beetle: 100 Bells, On trees
  • Bee: 4,500 Bells, In trees
  • Spider: 300 Bells, In trees
  • Long Locust: 200 Bells, Grass
  • Migratory Locust: 600 Bells, Grass
  • Cricket: 130 Bells, Grass
  • Grasshopper: 160 Bells, Grass
  • Bell Cricket: 430 Bells, Grass
  • Moth: 60 Bells, Near outdoor lights
  • Red Dragonfly: 80 Bells, Airborne
  • Mosquito: 130 Bells, Airborne
  • Darnier Dragonfly: 200 Bells, Airborne
  • Ant: 80 Bells, Ground (dropped candy)
  • Pill Bug: 250 Bells, Under rocks
  • Pondskater: 130 Bells, Ponds
  • Diving Beetle: 800 Bells, Ponds
  • Firefly: 300 Bells, Near fresh water
  • Fly: 60 Bells, Rotten turnips, garbage, Rafflesia

Rare Bugs and Insects

  • Snail: 250 Bells, On flowers
  • Agrias Butterfly: 3,000 Bells, Near flowers
  • Raga Brooke: 2,500 Bells, Near flowers
  • Birdwing, 3,000 Bells, Near flowers
  • Emperor: 2,500 Bells, Near flowers
  • Mole Cricket: 280 Bells, Underground
  • Dung Beetle: 600 Bells, Near snowballs
  • Flea: 70 Bells, Animal neighbor
  • Banded Dragonfly: 4,500 Bells, Airborne
  • Giant Petaltail: 8,000 Bells, Airborne
  • Scorpion: 8,000 Bells, On ground
  • Tarantula: 8,000 Bells, On ground
  • Walking Leaf: 600 Bells, On trees
  • Walkingstick: 600 Bells, On trees
  • Rainbow Stag: 10,000 Bells, On trees
  • Oak Silk Moth: 1,200 Bells, On trees
  • Cyclommatus: 8,000 Bells, On trees
  • Golden Stag: 12,000 Bells, On trees
  • Scarab Beetle: 6,000 Bells, On trees
  • Jewel Beetle: 2,400 Bells, On trees
  • Giant Beetle: 10,000 Bells, On trees
  • Miyama Stag: 1,000 Bells, On trees
  • Saw Stag Beetle: 2,000 Bells, On trees
  • Elephant Beetle: 8,000 Bells, On coconut palms
  • Hercules Beetle: 12,000 Bells, On coconut palms
  • Goliath Beetle: 6,000 Bells, On coconut palms
  • Atlas Beetle: 8,000 Bells, On coconut palms

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