Amazon Cyber Monday Deal Samsung 55 Inch 3D LED HDTV


Those of you hoping would dip into their 3D HDTVs for Cyber Monday are in luck today.

I just scanned through Amazon’s Cyber Monday Lightning Deals and found a Samsung 55 inch 1080p 240hz 3D LED HDTV will be a featured deal at 10pm EST/7am PST. The exact model number is unknown but Lightning Deals are where the best deals materialize. A Samsung 46″ 3D HDTV already went up for sale this am and quickly sold out at $1300, and a 65 inch version is going up an hour after the 55 inch model does.

Keep your eyes on Amazon’s Cyber Monday Lightning Deals in TV if you’re in the market for a 3D HDTV this holiday season. Samsung makes excellent ones that you really can’t go wrong with.

Click here to shop Amazon’s TV and home theater Cyber Monday deals.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals extend throughout the week and cover just about all of their categories. We’re specifically watching the ones relating to home entertainment and will pass along any big deals that jump out, like the Samsung TV.

If you’re in the market for something to play on a new TV this holiday season, check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals in movies as well as their video game Cyber Monday deals

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