Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman in High-Res


NBC’s reboot of Wonder Woman starring Adrianne Palicki in the title role supplants the titular heroine in modern day Los Angeles where she’ll battle pharmaceutical giants and a mishmash of criminal scum.

I thought NBC and writer/pilot director David E. Kelley would stray far from the revealing costume worn by Lynda Carter in the original show as it would downright silly in a modern city. Yet as revealed today via EW, the modern Wonder Woman is not that much different than her older counterpart.

It looks like they’ve vacuum sucked Adrianne into a vinyl-like material with the signature Wonder Woman emblem and gold, blue and red colors, gold lasso and cuffs on each arm. The red boots and bikini bottom are gone, replaced by long blue pants and blue boots. If you look carefully at the image below there’s also stars that run down the outside of either leg for at least a touch of patriotism.

The costume definitely screams Wonder Woman but it also screams cheap. Part of the problem is the bright light blaring on it that draws out the refractive material. Adrianne’s facial expression also looks a little off. Surely NBC had a better image to choose from for the big Wonder Woman reveal.

In Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is the CEO of Themyscira Industries when not fighting crime as her alter-ego. Carey Elwes plays one of her employees who runs the day-to-day stuff when Diana isn’t around, while Elizabeth Hurley is chief of a rival pharmaceutical company with a big case of Wonder Woman envy that none of her pills can cure.

The Wonder Woman pilot is currently being filmed in Los Angeles. Click on the image of Adrianne as Wonder Woman below for the high resolution version.

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