Weekend Box Office Predictions Game: Limitless Aims High

March 17, 2011

Limitless with Bradley Cooper, Paul with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, and The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey lead a mediocre crop of new films hitting the box office this weekend. With limited theater counts, none are expected to open big leaving the door open for holdovers Battle: Los Angeles and Rango to possibly swipe first place.

In our ongoing Weekend Box Office Prophet Game, you are given the opportunity to predict what each of these 5 films will make in ticket sales from Friday, March 18 through Sunday, March 20. Your predictions are averaged in with the other players to face off against The Prophet predictions. If The Prophet wins 3 or more films then the top player finisher wins a consolation DVD. If the players win the majority then the top player takes home Jackass 3 on Blu-ray.

A first took place in the last round with The Prophet sweeping the 5 films against the players and then icing the victory cake by finishing first overall. Because of this dominance no new prize is added to the jackpot this week. If The Prophet had not finished first overall then a second Blu-ray title would have been added to the prize pot.

The average player scores will update in real time below as new player predictions are entered. This round's entry period will close tonight at 8pm PST Thursday, March 17. Best of luck, players.

There are currently 50 players up against the Prophet

The entry period for March 18 - 20 has already ended. Follow the weekly results at the Weekend Box Office Prophet main page.

Bradley Cooper steps away from ensembles and takes center stage in Limitless, a new thriller that hopes to find modest success much like The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon has. Cooper has shown he has appeal, but most moviegoers still associate him with comedy from The Hangover. Opens on 2,400 screens.
All: $18.0   Me: n/a   Prophet: $15.7   Actual: $18.9
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer looks decent but let's be honest here. Matthew McConaughey isn't the box office draw he once was and crime dramas seem to play better on the small screen these days. This film is also an R which limits its earnings potential. Expect The Lincoln Lawyer to finish towards the bottom of the top 5 after opening on 2,400 screens.
All: $13.3   Me: n/a   Prophet: $8.9   Actual: $13.2
Universal is rolling the dice with Paul much like they did with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: films geared to "geek nation" and pretty much no none else. This strategy didn't really work for Scott Pilgrim or Kick-Ass before as neither film opened strong. In being an R, Paul's chances to win this weekend are next to none. Opens on around 2,700 screens.
All: $16.1   Me: n/a   Prophet: $11.3   Actual: $13.0
Battle: Los Angeles
Battle: Los Angeles ruled the box office last weekend with $35.6 million but is facing the prospect of a big dip in weekend number two as films geared toward young males are typically front-loaded at the box office. Even so, Battle:LA should contend for the top spot again without a new big event film to go up against.
All: $20.0   Me: n/a   Prophet: $15.6   Actual: $14.5
Rango made a healthy $22.6 million in its second weekend of release last weekend. Now that Mars Needs Moms has bombed and cannot be considered competition, Rango will once again ride into the weekend as the number one choice for families and young audiences. A top 3 finish for Rango is guaranteed with an outside shot at taking the top spot.
All: $15.2   Me: n/a   Prophet: $15.1   Actual: $15.1