1987 Animated G.I. Joe The Movie Headed to Blu-ray


G.I. Joe’s resurgence thanks to Paramount’s The Rise of Cobra live-action movie has inspired Shout! Factory, the studio that released the 1980s G.I. Joe cartoons on DVD, to release the 1987 animated G.I. Joe film on disc format. More specifically, Blu-ray Disc.

Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward tweeted “So the print’s in excellent condition. Looks like we’ll be doing GI JOE: THE MOVIE on Blu-ray” and “…the end credits for GI JOE: THE MOVIE finally came in. Gonna have a complete HD transfer!” over the past couple days, all but confirming the film’s arrival in HD. Though Brian stops short of offering a time frame for release, it’s a good bet the Joes will deploy before year’s end.

G.I. Joe: The Movie introduced the fantasy element of Cobra La to the series but is best known for nearly killing off one of the main characters. Wrestler Sgt. Slaughter lends his voice portraying the Joe version of himself.

We’ll pass along more G.I. Joe: The Movie on Blu-ray Disc information as it develops.

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