The Movie Inspiration Behind Online Casino Games


Casinos have always provided a popular backdrop in blockbuster movies, but in the current age where real money online casino games are probably the biggest growth sector in gaming, they are more relevant than ever. Here, we take a look at why casino games are so popular in the smartphone era, and some of the movies that have inspired them.

Free spins, real money and the rise of online casinos

Most of us have watched iconic casino scenes in the movies and wished we could step into the shoes of the characters and enjoy the exotic sophistication of the casino, along with the chance to win some serious money. The advent of online casino games has provided an opportunity to do so, but without the element of risk that puts many people off stepping within the doors of a real world casino.

In part, that is due to the fact that we do not have to dust off the tuxedo and learn the secret signals and etiquette of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. But on a more pragmatic level, it is also because no deposit online games allow us to start playing with zero risk thanks to the welcome bonuses that most sites will offer new players.

With everyone going casino crazy, what better time to take a look at three of the all-time classic casino movies.

Ocean’s Eleven

So good they made it twice, this is the ultimate casino caper movie. Most of us remember the 2001 remake, where George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon were at their scintillating best. It spawned two sequels, and the entire trilogy should be an essential part of every casino fan’s movie library.

The original 1960 version, starring the original Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. is also well worth seeking out, and exudes just as much class and style.

Casino Royale

Rightly or wrong, when you think of casinos in movies, your mind probably pictures the British Secret Service’s most famous spy, sitting at the card table with his cigarette and his trademark martini. Casino Royale was the book that set the whole franchise going, and again, it has twice been adapted to the silver screen.

The 1967 movie is a curiosity. The Bond phenomenon was already well underway and in the safe hands of Sean Connery, but this Columbia release was played purely for laughs and starred the charming David Niven as an older Bond.

The 2006 version sticks closer to the original story, although by this time, Daniel Craig’s Bond has swapped baccarat for poker and managed to kick his smoking habit.


This 1999 film starring Clive Owen might not be as famous as the other two, but think of it as the casino professional’s casino film. Owen stars as a down-on-his-luck writer who takes a job as a croupier to make ends meet and is soon exposed to the less glamorous side of casino life.

He spent months researching the role, and the attention to detail pays off in the final production. Don’t miss it.