Meet Our Team

Dan Bradley (dan at, Google+)
Publisher and Executive Editor

Dan has been publishing content on the Internet for over 20 years. His areas of interest span the entire coverage area of TheHDRoom and he was one of the first journalists to closely cover the Skylanders launch and subsequent birth of the Toys to Life gaming segment. If he isn’t researching news for movies, television shows and programming, Blu-ray or video games, or editing articles from his growing staff, he’s writing or laying in bed thinking about what to write next.

Shawn Fitzgerald (shawn at, Google+)
Movies, Box Office and Blu-ray Editor

Shawn has been with TheHDRoom since before its name change and formal relaunch in 2006. When he’s not working on his extensive weekly box office reports, Shawn can be found shooting photography and sneaking in a Blu-ray or movie review.

Jon Hueber (jon at, Google+)
Games Editor & Movie Reviewer

Jon is a die hard gamer who refuses to publish a review until the game is beaten. Even a Zelda game! He’s also a member of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and has a soft spot for Indiana sports teams.

Chris Joslin (chris at
Games Writer

Chris has been gaming since he was 3, Atari to PS4. He has played most major releases (other than sports games) in those 35 years. Chris grew up reading Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly. If it’s an RPG, adventure game, or platformer, he will use his experience to review and discover some amazing Indy games and creative developers in the industry today.

Drew Meadows
Games Writer

Drew Meadows has been gamer and show binger since he was 4. RPG’s and horror games are his first love, discovering new developers and game experiences is his second. He recently got the platinum trophy for Persona 5, and already wants to make a new account so he can do it again. He likes to do as much as he can in every game he plays, so he can reliably talk about any games he plays.

Anthony Rumen (anthony at
Sports Editor

Anthony spends much of his time watching television, or more specifically sporting events. He’s most passionate about NFL football but also follows all other major sports including the NBA, PGA, NHL, MLB and more. Oddly enough Anthony never played sports as a child but is obsessed with consuming as much sports programming as he possibly can as an adult.

Jess Martinez (jess at
Contributing Writer

Jess is the newest contributor to the site and a content streamer through and through having spent many years and endless hours watching movies and television shows via Netflix and Redbox. Her interests tend to skew toward thrillers, but she can be found binging virtually any genre on any given day of the week.

Sarah Shelmandine (sarah at
West Coast Editor

As a Princeton graduate, Sarah would love nothing more than to spend all her waking hours within the world of Dragon Age. When there’s a special west coast event to attend, Sarah is the gal for the job.

Bill Bradley
Former Contributing Writer

Bill loves history and gears his coverage toward period films. That isn’t to say Bill doesn’t dabble in modern day fare, either, as he’s known to absorb himself in current movie and television skewed news as well.

Matt Hardeman
Former Contributing Writer

Matt tilts toward the horror genre and has a fascination with cats that is beyond explanation. Find an Evil Dead French Blu-ray and you’ll find Matt’s review quote on the back cover.