Why Pick ‘FIFA 18’ Over ‘FIFA 17’


The problem with sports video games that get a new iteration every year is the question of whether to buy the new game or not. You’ve gotten used to the mechanics of last year’s game and got far enough in the ranks on the competitive side. Why should you get the new game? Besides, you’ll have to start again from scratch? This article will help you figure out why you should get FIFA 18 and why it is better than FIFA 17.


FIFA 18 uses the Frostbite engine, the same as FIFA 17 (only some versions of the game). The updated version features many refined graphics over last year’s game, including sharper details and stunning weather effects as those, appear.

EA also added more details to the crowd and field, creating a realistic and life-like presentation in FIFA 18. To push that effect further, the game has motion-capture for the movements of the players.


While the graphics aren’t that much better, FIFA 18 shines in its gameplay. Each following game slowly addressed past issues from the games before it, and the defense gets a boost, especially since animations are now unlocked. Tackling and stealing the ball is now simpler since action animations don’t have to be completed. No longer will games be finished without either side achieving a goal so that matches can have the thrilling suspense of a tiebreaker in overtime.

FIFA 18 also features a dynamic weather system, where rain can make the playing field muddy and the ball slippery. It can also limit the field of view or visibility, making it hard to see the ball. Otherwise, extreme sunlight can quickly tire the players with its heat and glaring light. You’ll never know what to expect, and these weather effects affect strategies and play style.

The game’s offline mode, “The Journey,” continues in FIFA 2017. If you liked Hunter’s journey in the former game, this one features the continuation of his quest in the league. After a disastrous decision that put his career in jeopardy, how will you guide him through his time of crisis? There’s even a choice to start from where you left off in the last game. For players new to the series an option to pick from which side of the English Premier League to start with is available.

Then there are some other small gameplay improvements, such as negotiating for a new member is now a cut-scene where you see the managers talking to each other in an office. Other players’ skills, including passing and crossing, have also been updated to factor in position and kick strength for a more realistic action. It also phases out passive defending and forces you to be smart about your players’ positions and timing.

The Verdict

Since we covered our bases with the differences between FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, certain ones are considered somewhat minor. On the other hand, a sequel to “The Journey” and the updates to the gameplay should be enough to consider the new game over the old. Otherwise, other FIFA gamers might think the added challenge from those little updates could be a load.

No worries though! It’s nothing that practice can’t fix. Take the time to enjoy and learn the new mechanics of FIFA 18. Granted, the core gameplay doesn’t change much game to game, but the little things are important too. Have fun managing your team and winning leagues!

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