Why Old-School Gaming Still Rules


Although we can all agree that next-gen titles like Destiny 2 are pretty impressive, there’s something about old-school gaming that’s endlessly fun. After all, Tetris is still the most downloaded app of all time!

So what is it about those classic games of yesteryear that continues to enthrall modern day gamers?

Straight into the Action

Anybody who felt their life force being drained by the pointless narratives of Mass Effect: Andromeda will probably agree that modern day gaming can be boring.

Old-school games simply didn’t have the ability to waste time on meandering plot lines. And so it was high-paced games like Sonic the Hedgehog that instantly got straight into the action and continue to be relentlessly popular today.

Clear Objective

Similarly, whilst much was made of the ‘open-world’ possibilities of No Man’s Sky, anybody who actually played it found that the game was totally boring!

However, classic games like Street Fighter had a clear objective that anybody could understand. And although some Minecraft builds can be pretty impressive, there’s something meaningless about modern games that could be easily remedied by playing old-school classics.

Download Times

Playing a game on a Sega Megadrive was simple, just put in the cartridge and you’re away. Now you’re expected to wait hours for your Xbox One title to download and then wait for the inevitable bug fixes.

Thankfully some old-school gaming genres have lived on into the present era to provide us with some simple and instant stress-free gaming. Whether it’s playing the fun emulation of Sega Megadrive games on a mobile with Sega Forever, or even appreciating classic board games like Monopoly on a smartphone, it shows that we don’t have to wait hours before getting into the gaming action.

And rather than having to wade through endless tutorials of how to play that open-world title, classic casino games like roulette can be quickly enjoyed with some roulette tips from Lucky Nugget Casino, which shows how there’s more to life than those overly complicated next-gen titles.

More Genres

Ever since Doom came out, it seems that most console games are first-person shooters. But back in the day, it felt like there were plenty more gaming options.

From sports simulations to platform games, the gaming market was way more open compared to today’s identikit scenario. And whilst the smartphone realm has a few alternatives with some retro roulette games, there’s way too many Clash of Clans-style strategy games that suggests that gaming was more diverse a couple of decades ago.

Cheaper Options

The spiralling costs of next-gen consoles and expensive PC builds has meant that top-level gaming is becoming increasingly prohibitive.

But this is a relatively new phenomenon, as console gaming used to be relatively cheap, and PC gaming was nowhere near as nerd-centric as it has now become.

And whilst we can still do things like play roulette online for free, it seems that modern gaming is more expensive, more limited in genres, and less fun than ever before!