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League of Legends (Season 8) Review


Quick Take: The new League of Legends pre-season is here, with huge reforms for the upcoming season. Runes, IP and Leveling have all been massively improved making the game more accessible and fun for newbies and veterans alike.

A new year means a new Season of League of Legends is right around the corner. Which means that now is the perfect time to take a look at what we can expect to see in the future – and to review the major changes that we’ve already experienced in the preseason.

According to Riot there’s a lot happening this Pre-Season. That translates to Season 8 being released a little bit later than usual, but it also means more new stuff for us.

No More Runes

Technically, Riot is branding the new Rune system as “Runes Reforged” but in our opinion Rune pages act more like Masteries now.

This has caused some controversy amongst diehard fans who claim that this marks the beginning of the end for League of Legends. We can assure you that there’s no way a game this big is going anywhere soon. And besides the Runes and Masteries aren’t even that different.

You are still able to choose Keystones as before, a couple of which have similarities to Keystones from Season 7. Only, there’s been a few tweaks. Plus, now you have access to “Major Runes” and “Minor Runes”, too.

League of Legends Season 8 2

These runes act like a mix of Masteries and Runes. Some give obvious bonuses such as granting your Champion a huge attack speed buff whenever you hit an enemy. And others affect the game in more subtle ways, such as giving health over time. They definitely have more of an impact though. A Vayne running the “Press the Attack” rune is terrifying to face, but our personal favorite is Kleptomancy. This neat little Rune lets you steal consumables from your opponent every time you hit them. These consumables vary from biscuits to an Oracles Elixir.

Players can choose 2 from a selection of 5 paths, which act like the 3 Mastery Trees from previous Seasons. Each path has a number of slots which comes with a selection of Rune options. The players primary path will include a few extra slots, along with a keystone.

Overall it feels like Riot have merged Masteries and Runes more than anything else. But what’s nice is that all those hours of laboring away to gain IP for runes Is no more. That’s right; these pages are completely free.

Not only that, but if you’ve purchased Runes in the past then you will be refunded BE for them. Plus, you will also receive 1500 BE for each Rune page you owned, along with an Epic skin for every 4 pages.

This makes levelling up an account way more gratifying as you can spend all your hard earned IP on Champions you enjoy. Which brings us to our next point.

No More IP

IP is still in the game but it doesn’t work quite the same as before. Riot have mashed Blue Essence and IP together, giving the new and improved Blue Essence (BE) the properties of both. You can now spend BE on upgrading Champion Shards and purchasing new Champions without any restrictions. This makes filling out your roster that much simpler, and a lot less confusing.

BE can still be unlocked by playing matches the same way IP was, only now there’s another added bonus. Every time you level up you will receive a capsule containing Champion Shards, along with some BE. Plus, when you hit certain milestones there’s also a chance of getting some rare goodies such as gemstones and special emotes. This can go on for quite some time too, because…

Infinite Leveling

If you’re feeling a little vexed that you’re already level 30 and haven’t received any cool loot then don’t worry. Now players can go beyond level 30.

It never made much sense that you could go no further than level 30 in League of Legends. Not only is 30 a bizarre number to stop at, but infinite leveling adds an extra layer of competitiveness to the game. Now players will be competing against each other to see who can level the furthest and fastest.

There’s a couple of other small changes too, such as the tweaks to booster packs.

League of Legends Season 8 1

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to go too in depth. That’s okay though, most people never really bought boosters anyway, so we feel it’s safe to skim over them: EXP boosts cost a ton more, which makes sense considering the new levelling rewards.

Previously you could unlock 1 day, 1 week and 5 win IP boosts. The majority of players opted for the 1 day boosts during the weekend so that they could grind games. That’s changed now though, as previously unavailable XP boosts have been introduced!  These brand new boosts offer 3 wins, 5 wins and 15 wins, giving players plenty of bang for their buck.

Sadly, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. The 1 day EXP boost which was previously 150 RP has shot up to 290 RP, an alarming increase. Although we can see why it’s needed, since gaining levels gives a ton of rewards now. The fact that you can go beyond level 30 probably plays a part too!

If you’re looking for an account with tons of rare skins, take a look at some League of Legends smurfs instead.

What’s Next?

The first couple of months of a new Season are usually a little rocky as players get used to the changes. And with so many whopping alterations packed into this pre-Season, Season 8 is unlikely to be any different.

Although it’s difficult to say what’s likely to happen, we can glance at the past to help determine the future. Every year Riot usually edits the Jungle.

Sometimes it’s small tweak like trimming a few bushes. And sometimes it’s a game changing overhaul where all the camps are different and your Smite has weird new powers. Taking that into account, it could definitely be something we see happen again.

Likewise Supports have received a lot of attention during recent years. Riot themselves have stated that the role requires a lot of tweaking as the meta changes, particularly heal heavy supports. As Support mains we can’t really complain, as changes keep the role feeling fresh. But it would be nice if our ADC’s could not get popped by Zed in 0.1 seconds. Please Riot?

We can also expect to see another huge turnup for the World Championship. Not only has it grown larger with every Season, but we’ve seen such famous singers as Imagine Dragons perform. Plus, some top notch special effects! We can likely expect Korea to win the world Championship again, too.

It goes without saying that there’s bound to be a ton more Champions and Champion updates. Those released in Season 7 have definitely had some of the most unique skills ever. And although It will be a challenge, Season 8 is probably going to produce even more!

One prediction we can make with certainty is that this is going to be one epic Season. And frankly, we can’t wait to get a team together, test out the new content, and start climbing the ranked ladder again.

SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

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