Why Games are Better Than Real Life


Cinema is great for escapism, and reading a book is proven to be beneficial to your brain, but much less is said about the benefits of gaming. As the ugly specter of video game violence once again needlessly takes up space in newspapers, the truth is that the questions about gaming’s longevity and benefits were answered years ago.

It is far too easy now to forget the outside world for hours or days, and concentrate on exploring whole new worlds, meeting new friends (and enemies), and generally giving your brain a workout without ever having to disconnect. As technology continues to improve the potential for long-form gaming, the question of whether games are better than life is becoming much less obvious.

Virtual Reality

It’s a trending subject, but there’s a reason why so many people are hyped about VR technology. That hype is set to increase exponentially this year with the release of Ready Player One and the realization of fully imagined virtual environments. But it’s not just Hollywood that is looking intently at the integration of VR. The gaming industry is at the forefront of the tech drive to improve and make the most of the immersive possibilities of Virtual Reality.

Now, it’s possible to play FPS games in a real-world environment and augmented reality, and it won’t be long before full haptic suits are available for even the most casual of gamers. As VR meets AI, expect to see some massive leaps in what’s possible over the course of the next few years, and that increases the chance that games will soon be indistinguishable from reality.

Fulfill your Dreams

No matter your ambitions and dreams, the chances are that you can live them out vicariously through gaming. Whether you dream of being a soldier in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, enjoy the fear of a survival horror, or simply want to fulfill your ambitions of being the next best James Bond, then the options are there for you to take advantage of. The graphics and gameplay options available are improving at an incredible rate, and even something as simple as playing the slots in an online casino has become satisfyingly realistic. There’s a reason why online UK Casino Games are one of the fastest growing areas of online entertainment, as the realism and gameplay improves and fans can embroil themselves in their Ocean’s 11 fantasies.

Multitude of Benefits

There have always been claims that gaming is bad for you, but those claims never really pan out when it comes to academic research. Quite the opposite in fact, with gaming proven to be beneficial for all manner of cognitive exercise and improvement. From hand-eye coordination to exercising your brain, from improved concentration ability and even to improved social skills, gaming is not the black sheep of the entertainment family that it once was. While the usual concerns still crop up on occasion, these can often be dismissed easily, with decades of scientific study proving that the health benefits are positive, and that the cliché of the Cheetos-covered World of Warcraft player is not representative of the vast majority of gamers.

Whether you’re a casual player who likes a bit of Call of Duty action after work, or a dedicated Minecraft designer, there are no restrictions when it comes to finding the gaming type that you want and immersing yourself as and when the need takes you. It’s even good for your brain.