Best New Online Slot Games We’ve Seen in 2018


There can’t be many games that offer the sheer range and variety of slots. Every month, there are more new games appearing online, and while, inevitably, some of them are on the disappointing side or are variations on well-worn themes, there are also a few diamonds in there if you know where to look.

Of course, that is something of a challenge in itself. As well as new games, there are also dozens or even hundreds of sites on which to play them, as the online casino market has continued its meteoric rise.

Why are Slots so Popular?

It’s a good question – the earliest slot games, long before anyone had heard of the internet, were simple “one armed bandit” affairs, variations of which can still be seen in land-based casinos the world over. But it was the advent of video slots, where the simple spinning of reels was combined with compelling gameplay and story arcs that really captured our imagination. Gaming and gambling proved to be a popular combination, and the modern era in which you can visit a Bitcoin casino website and have responsible fun in a secure environment and even stand a chance of winning some money, has proved to be an irresistible combination of factors.

The latest edicts from Nevada, in which games were permitted to have a greater skill component have also spread to the wider global gaming community. The result? Slots games that are more varied and engaging than ever. Here are three of our favorites that have appeared on the scene this year.

Beat Square

This is a perfect example of skill-based gaming and has already scooped numerous awards, including Best Slot Product for 2018 in the Gaming and Technology Awards sponsored by Global Gaming Business magazine. The game does not even have reels, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, there are 16 buttons in a four by four grid that light up in time to music. Your task is to get with the rhythm and hit the right buttons for a big payout.

Those of a certain age might remember a game called Simon – Beat Square brings the same concept firmly into the 21st century.

Monopoly Hot Shot

On the subject of retro games from our childhood, everyone loves Monopoly. There have been slots versions of the board game for years, but Monopoly Hot Shot is something a little different, combining two of the most popular genres. The hot shot aspect is closer to conventional slots game play, with three reels, nine paylines and “hot shot” mini reels.

The real fun begins when you hit the bonus and enter the Monopoly board. Roll the dice, guide your Scottie dog around the board and gather some lucrative bonuses if you land on Go, Chance, Community Chest or Free Parking.

Wrecking Ball

>Who doesn’t enjoy a little mindless destruction at the end of a stressful day? Wrecking Ball is another slots game that doesn’t look like a slots game at all at first glance. The reels are actually arranged on four columns, each of which has different symbols. The highlight of the game is the eponymous wrecking ball, which swings across the screen, leaving a trail of destruction and revealing symbols that can amount to large bonuses.

There is also a bonus game in which you can navigate a crane through the wreckage, directing your own wrecking ball at different buildings and revealing more hidden prizes.

These are just three of the new generation of slot games that have captured our attention so far in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled, there are certain to be more to come over the rest of the year.