Dirty Sexy Money: Season One DVD Giveaway


Buena Vista Home Entertainment has provided us two copies of Dirty Sexy Money: Season One on DVD to hand over to two of you in this daily entry contest.

All you have to do for a chance to win is fill out and send in the short entry form below. Returning daily and entering again as long as the contest is running will increase your odds of winning. Good luck!

About Dirty Sexy Money: Keeping America’s richest family out of trouble, out of jail, out of the headlines and out of his personal life may be more than lawyer Nick George bargained for when he became entangled in the lives of the Darlings. Don’t let their last name fool you — this family gives new meaning to the phrase “filthy rich”! The Darlings of New York are raising the bar on paternity suits, illicit affairs, divorces, extravagant parties and outlandish spending. Their parade of strange bedfellows and political power plays has this once respectable, civic-minded lawyer up to his neck in scandal and DIRTY SEXY MONEY. ABC’s new hit drama, DIRTY SEXY MONEY — with a stellar cast led by acclaimed actors Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh and Blair Underwood — is a wildly guilty pleasure. Complete with every captivating episode from Season One and eye-opening bonus features, you’ll finally be exposed to how the other half lives.

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