About TheHDRoom

TheHDRoom formally launched in 2006 after serving under a different name from 2001-2005. The site's focus is to provide entertainment news and commentary, specifically in regards to Blu-ray and home video, movies, television programming, and video games.

Our team is highly dedicated to their areas of expertise and eager to share news and their opinions with our readers.

Dan Bradley
Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Dan's areas of interest span the entire coverage area of TheHDRoom. If he isn't researching news, he's writing about it or working on a review.

Shawn Fitzgerald
Box Office Guru and Blu-ray Reviewer

Shawn has been with TheHDRoom since before its name change and formal relaunch in 2006. When he's not working on his weekly box office reports, Shawn can be found shooting photography and sneaking in a Blu-ray or movie review here and there.

Jon Hueber
Lead Video Game and Movie Reviewer

Jon is our resident gaming expert and spends far more time playing video games than he wants to admit. If a game takes 20 hours to beat, he will put in 60 to make sure every inch of the world has been explored for hidden goodies. Jon also loves reviewing films and has a soft spot for comic book movies.

Matt Hardeman
Movie and Blu-ray Reviewer

Matt tilts toward the horror genre and has a fascination with cats that is beyond explanation. Find an Evil Dead French Blu-ray and you'll find Matt's review quote on the back cover.

Contact TheHDRoom

To submit a news scoop, inquire about advertising (managed by CraveOnline Media) or a promotional opportunity, ask a general question from anyone on our staff, or simply say hi, please send an email to support @ thehdroom.com.