4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

‘Justice League’ 4K and Blu-ray Pre-Orders Available, Going Slow


It’s no secret that Warner’s Justice League never really came together at the box office. Scathing critical reviews were followed by a soft opening that then rapidly sank.

There’s always home video where Justice League could potentially seek a larger audience. As of right now there’s literally no buzz for the Justice League 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray or Blu-ray pre-orders that are currently available at Amazon.

While the holiday shopping season is in full swing and Amazon’s bestsellers are impacted by sale items and holiday classics this time of year, it’s still telling that the Justice League Blu-ray is not on Amazon’s top 100 bestselling Blu-ray movies, while the 4K version is barely on the charts at position 94 as of this time.

Obviously Justice League will get a bump in the New Year when Warner Bros. makes its release date announcement. For a movie that was supposed to be the crown jewel of Warner’s DC Films universe, the lack of pre-order interest is yet another disappointment to endure.

The Justice League 4K and Blu-ray pre-order at Amazon is available here if you want to try and move the needle. Expect an official release date announcement in January or early February at the latest.

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