‘Gravity Falls: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray and DVD Coming This Summer From Shout! Factory


Shout! Factory is offering up one last visit to Gravity Falls, Oregon this summer with the Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD box set on July 24th.

This box set marks the debut of Gravity Falls on either physical disc format. The cancelled Disney XD animated series from creator Alex Hirsch may be going out, but at least it’s going out in style.

In the Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Blu-ray or DVD set you will find all 40 episodes spanning six discs.

A separate Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition set (pictured below) includes a seventh disc dedicated to bonus features, many of which are being created specifically for this release. Those extras are currently in production and will be detailed at a later date.

Gravity Falls stars the voice talents of creator Hirsh along with Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal and Linda Cardellini.

You can currently pre-order Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition with an exclusive lithograph at Shout! Factory.

Gravity Falls The Complete Series Blu-ray Cover Art

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