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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice R-Rated Cut Coming to Blu-ray


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being reedited into an R-Rated version that you won’t find at cinemas, but will be able to enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

Perhaps — and most likely — in response to the explosive success of Fox’s R-Rated Deadpool, Warner Bros. has edited a new version of Batman v Superman for home video that has been classified Rated-R by the Motion Picture Association of America, as published yesterday. It’s too early to tell what footage edited back into the film has pushed the rating to R, but odds are favorable it’s related to violence.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice R-rated cut will appear on the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray release per the MPAA rating designation. Odds are highly favorable that early adopters will also be able to enjoy the R-rated Batman v Superman edit on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray this summer as well.

A slight irony in this Batman v Superman news is the film’s theatrical run time was recently revealed to be 2 hours and 31 minutes, on the longer side for a summer blockbuster. The R-rated version will no doubt extend that run time by anywhere from a handful of seconds to many minutes.

Will the R-rated superhero movie become the new trend? I don’t foresee Marvel jumping into this arena with their cinematic universe, but they clearly have no issues pushing the boundaries with their Netflix series. If the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice R-rated version performs well on Blu-ray then expect Suicide Squad to receive the same treatment.

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  • Marc DACOSTA

    Come on, get some facts before…


    R-rated since september 2015… way before Deadpool.. Also this is not the first R-rated release for Snyder/WB, since they did it with “Watchmen” (2009) (One of the “highest-grossing” comic book adaptation ever btw)

  • SupportR

    I really don’t care. Gay love story in star wars episode VIII. Finn and mexican Leia guy will be lovers. I said this awhile ago and its till true. Star wars is ruined. Also now very gay.

    Suicide squad should be Rated R as well.

  • so they’re admitting they’re too chicken shit to release the full length r-rated version in theaters, but will on the blu ray release…..they’re literally telling everyone that we are hooking in for a cash grab. make a boat load of money in cinemas and then gouge us/them with a fuller version a few months later….cheaaaaap!

  • SupportR

    Hey I got a legit question about this. Is it just going to be 2 mins of extra footage the barely makes it R or are they actually going to put in some decent gore and blood??? I believe they will just throw in an f-bomb or two and thats it. Cause they are babies.